Meet our Therapists

Kevin G. Hardman, LMP

Kevin graduated in 2002 from the Spectrum Center School of Massage in Lake Stevens, where his education was medically focused with advanced training in neuromuscular therapy. Since graduation, his focus has been on injury recovery treatmentandenhancing athletic performance, and his continuing education efforts have been focused on furthering those skills.

Massage Works was established in 2002 upon Kevin's graduation from Spectrum. For five years, he practiced at the Family Heath Associates medical offices, where he treated mainly auto, work and sports injuries as well as chronic headaches. In 2007 he moved his practice to the Fairhaven Bodyworks building; then in 2008, he added the current Cornwall location. In 2010, Cornwall became his sole office: together with Mt Shuksan Family Medicine and Advanced Sports Chiropractic, the entire clinic moved one door over.

While Kevin's expertise remains in injury treatment, he also offers a full range of soft tissue treatment as preventative health maintenance. His assessment skills and treatment oriented mindset set him apart from other therapists; while many therapists treat injuries within the context of a full body massage, he treats only the involved muscles. This makes better use of the client's time and insurance resources, as well as reducing their overall treatment and recovery time. Kevin's devotion to integrity and improving his clients' outlook on health, combined with his medical skill, puts him at the top of his field.

Kevin lives in Ferndale with his wife, Karlyn, and their new son Garrett. Their dog Jack and cats Bing & Dookie also hang around the house. When he's not in the office, you'll probably find him on the basketball court, playing a pickup game of street hockey, or snowboarding Mt. Baker.

Katelin Oliviera, LMP

Katelin was drawn to massage after graduating from Hope College with her BA in performance dance & choreography in 2010. She's always loved helping people, learning the "hows and whys" of life, and been fascinated by bodies in motion. Massage encompasses all of those things and she is very excited about building her career here! She graduated the massage program at Whatcom Community College in 2014 and immediately started taking clients at Massage Works.

Katelin is focused on the immense health benefits of massage ; there are so many people living with pain and discomfort, and she is passionate about getting involved and helping them take steps toward healthy, pain-free lives . She is particularly passionate about the health benefits of prenatal and infant massage , finding it an incredible privilege to be invited into a little one's story in such a special way.

Her skills and expertise in dance and kinesthesiology play a big part in her treatment of the body and being able to assess and treat a wide range of injuries and problems. Trained by Kevin, she focuses on treating the specific injury and surrounding tissue rather than a full-body massage; this makes better use of the client's time and insurance resources, as well as reducing their overall treatment and recovery time . Her devotion to her clients' overall health, her treatment skills and her drive to always keep learning put her far and above the average therapist.

Katelin lives in Bellingham and in addition to dancing keeps busy with painting and knitting. She loves the outdoors; you could easily find her hiking, gardening, or exploring a new town somewhere. Give her a cup of coffee and a good book and she's a happy girl!

Megan Unrein, LMP

Megan began her massage therapy journey as an injured athlete needing a solution. After trying everything from physical therapy to ultrasound therapy and discovering that massage was the only modality that brought her back to normal, she was hooked. Experiencing the transformation in her own body gave her a passion to share that possibility with others in similar situations, and she turned that passion into a medical massage therapy career.

Megan graduated from the massage program at Whatcom Community College in the winter of 2014 and joined the Massage Works team in the spring of 2015. Her focus and specialty is in sports therapy and injury recovery, with a pain-free, balanced existence as her objective for her clients. Using many similar modalities to Kevin’s techniques, and not afraid to attack a stubborn injury with a little elbow grease, Megan puts all of herself into her clinical work. Her skills and mindset step her up above her peers, and her clients’ recovery rates speak for themselves. She celebrates her clients’ recoveries as her own victories, taking pride in helping someone gain their healthy life back

She is also trained and licensed in Intra-Oral Therapy, a specialized technique that works with mouth and jaw muscles to deal with pain associated with TMJ, migraines, head or neck injuries, chronic ear problems, dental surgery recovery and many other medical issues. 

As an athlete, Megan loves being involved in many sports including volleyball, fast pitch softball and football. She and her fiancée Jesse can often be found driving around in their old VW camper van with their toddler son Vaughn, searching for new adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Megan’s love of the outdoors and the region’s beauty is also reflected in her paintings, which are usually on natural objects discovered while on an adventure.

Ellen Jensen, LMP

Ellen graduated with honors from the Corinthian College of Massage in Bremerton in 2013 and has centered her career on rehabilitation environments to build and expand her medical skills. With a focus on injury rehab and collaborative recovery programs, she has worked mainly in chiropractic offices and with health restoration practices. She is currently studying Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive Rehabilitation at Western Washington University in order to combine her massage skills with outdoor rehab services.

Ellen’s passion for comprehensive care gives her excellent results in working with other medical providers, such as chiropractors, doctors and physical therapists, to develop all-inclusive care plans for patients’ injury recovery journeys. The ability to reverse painful effects of injury on the body and improve overall wellness constantly amazes and excites her, and continually learning new advanced techniques keeps her passion for rehab therapy alive and growing.

She uses a treatment-oriented mindset with a focus on comfort when working with clients, pinpointing their issues and utilizing skilled medical techniques while incorporating soothing elements of Shiatsu, Thai and Lomi Lomi massage. Being able to both comfort and aggressively heal the body is a skill that not many therapists possess, and Ellen implements both excellently. She is also trained and licensed in Intra-Oral Therapy, a specialized technique that works with mouth and jaw muscles to deal with pain associated with TMJ, migraines, head or neck injuries, chronic ear problems, dental surgery recovery and many other medical issues.  

Keeping with her passion for outdoor rehab, Ellen’s hobbies take her outside and you’ll frequently find her kayaking, hiking and running around with her Dalmatian, Talia. Indoors she stays entertained with her two adorable kittens Curry & Saffron, and dancing whenever the opportunity arises. She also volunteers at the Northwest Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center, helping people with physical, mental and learning disabilities improve their strength and their lives.

Lindsey Inslee, LMP

Lyndsey has always been a caretaker in some capacity, and that passion is what drew her to pursue training as a massage therapist. The ability to care for someone both physically and mentally within the setting of a clinical massage gives her both excitement and fulfillment. She grew up with a mother who was a doula, watching the amazing, beautiful, exhausting and difficult experience that is pregnancy; as a result, her focus and greatest passion in massage is with prenatal work. She is a strong believer in the benefits of prenatal massage for both mother and baby, increasing overall health, circulation, range of motion and comfort.

She graduated from the massage program at Whatcom Community College in the spring of 2015 and joined the Massage Works team at the end of the year. Her skills and techniques revolve around giving her clients a relaxing, rejuvenating experience while relieving problem pain issues. She is able to reduce painful pregnancy symptoms and alleviate stress pressure, all while keeping her clients relaxed and feeling well cared for. She offers expert skill in trigger point therapy to relieve knots and tension in the back, shoulder and neck. When working with her prenatal clients, she utilizes a specialty table which allows pregnant women to lie facing down, increasing both their comfort and the benefits of the massage.

Having recently moved to Washington from Colorado, Lyndsey now lives in Ferndale with her husband Chandler and their very large dog, Molly. She loves to cozy up with a book and a cup of tea in front of a roaring fire, or you’d have very good luck finding her wandering the streets of Ferndale with Chandler and Molly on a sunny day.