Recover. Sustain. Excel. Therapeutic massage for Athletics and Injury Recovery in Bellingham and Blaine, WA

Massage Works.

Therapeutic massage serving Whatcom County. Located in Bellingham, WA.


Recovering from an accident or injury can be a long, painful process. Medical massage is an important step towards regaining health and relieving pain.

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The wear and tear of daily life will leave your muscles work-worn and prone to "knotting" or tightening up. Massage allows your muscles to recover faster.

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Staying at the top of your game requires diligence; keep your body in top condition with the help of a specialized Sports Massage Therapist.

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"Your body is made up of more than 650 muscles, which move and manipulate your bones with absolutely every move you make; yet many people make them a low priority in their healthcare lifestyle."


– Kevin Hardman, Owner & LMT