Excel in Life.

No matter what your lifestyle entails, be it a rigorous competitive sport, a desk job, and everything in between, maintaining your body is essential to living a long, healthy and happy life.

Massage services for athletic performance and injury prevention.

Being the best

Staying at the top of your game requires diligence; keep your body in top condition with the help of a specialized Sports Massage Therapist. Massage allows your muscles to recover faster from workouts and keeps them functioning at an optimal level. This also helps to prevent injury. Regular massages work hand-in-hand with regular strength training and cardio workouts to train your muscles for your specific sports performance. If you're preparing for a big game, match or race, get a massage beforehand to protect against injury.

As an avid athlete himself, Kevin is able to collaborate with you on techniques and overcoming mental blocks. When it comes to sports injuries, our medically-based, intense treatment is aimed at getting you back to performing at peak capacity as fast as possible. 

Kevin's first passion is for athletes and helping them to go further than they thought they could go. He's dedicated to YOU and your specific performance. Book Now!  

Ultimate Athletic Performance

Massage Works loves sports of every kind, and we know from personal experience that athletics and massage care are inseparable. To have ultimate performance in any sport, all portions of your body - joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, brain - need to be in top working order. All of the muscles in your body are put under constant stress as they manipulate your bones & joints to perform at higher levels as you increase your skill and competitive strength. In order to keep them functioning at peak capacity, you need to make sure that your exercise plan involves strength training, stretching, and regular massage work. 

Main benefits of Massage:

  • Allows your muscles to recover faster from workouts.
  • Keeps them functioning at an optimal level.
  • Helping to prevent injury by keeping them flexible. 

In addition, a few of the side benefits of regular massage care include increased nervous system function, blood pressure control, better range of motion, reduced muscle tension and injury, immune system improvement and less pain in your training. When you work so hard to be at the top of your game, why would you put yourself at such a deficit by not training your muscles properly?

Prevent Injury

Routine massage work keeps your muscles strong and able to perform all of your daily tasks with maximum performance and minimal risk of injury while providing a host of other health benefits. How much do you depend on your body every day? We truly believe that when you make massage care a regular part of your wellness lifestyle, you'll see immediate and long-lasting results from the far-reaching benefits.

In terms of preventative care, massage is extremely important as a non-medicated way to keep your body functioning as it should.  It doesn't take much thought to realize just how much wear and tear your muscles experience on a daily basis, especially if you're an active person. 

Consider just a few of the many practical health benefits of regular massage care: 

  • Increased nervous system function
  • Blood pressure control
  • Better range of motion
  • Reduced muscle tension and injury
  • Immune system strength
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Less pain in your daily life

These benefits should be a huge part of your fitness plan. 
Incorporate massage into your regular exercise routine to limit injuries and keep you moving at optimal capacity.

Client Testimonial

He's in tune with patients' needs and how their body operates.

I am a long distance runner and I compete for WWU's track and cross country teams. I started seeing Kevin during my sophomore year in Bellingham to fix some minor aches and pains. I was amazed at how quickly Kevin was able to get pains and tweaks to disappear! At that time I would only make appointments when I was experiencing discomfort but then I realized how much better and loose I felt while running and I started to go in once every two weeks.

Kevin is very knowledgable but most importantly he is in tune with his patients' needs and the way that their body operates. I can lay down on the table and say that I am feeling tightness in my leg and before I say anything else he has found the exact place that hurts! Kevin also always does his best to fit you into his schedule and be flexible in order to meet your needs. As a busy college student I have found this extremely helpful because I know that if I have an emergency, I don't have to wait a week to see someone.

I have recommended a handful of my closest friends and teammates to see Kevin because I trust him and have seen very positive results in my performances. Therefore, I would recommend him to anyone in Bellingham.

Client Testimonial

I went to Kevin for massage therapy late in the second trimester of my pregnancy.

I went to Kevin for massage therapy late in the second trimester of my pregnancy. Before seeking Kevin's help, I had developed a "knot" in my shoulder blade that was causing intense shooting pain in my back and made breathing deeply difficult. The knot started turning into a rope which was when I knew my at-home therapy attempts weren't working (using a tennis ball for focused pressure, massage chair...nagging my husband to massage my back!). When I scheduled my visit with Kevin, one of the things he asked me was what trimester I was in, and due to how far along I was, he provided a body pillow so that I would not have to lay flat on my back.  During the treatment Kevin found what he thought may have been very "old" tension within my back (which surprised me as I had already received 3 other massages during my pregnancy from other massage therapists). After one treatment with Kevin, my pain level was cut in half. He suggested icing my back that weekend to bring down any further inflamation. The pain continued to decrease over the course of the weekend and after the following week was gone. (Thank you Kevin!!~ from both of us!!)

Client Testimonial

A True Class Act.

The first time I walked in there was a TV displaying a fire, fresh baked cookies (and the wonderful smell to accompany it), and tea, cider, and hot chocolate on a table for clients. Ambiance was warm and inviting to say the least. I was greeted warmly by the receptionist and told Kevin would be with me shortly. Every interaction makes me feel appreciated. They communicate effectively and do everything possible to ensure my needs are met including appointment times or alternatives if that doesn't work. True class act!

Client Testimonial

Incorporated massage into my training.

Kevin does a great job in meeting your needs whether your wanting to work through the pressure or relax. I am a pretty active adult and take my health seriously I never really thought about massage being part of my overall health but now having incorporated into my training I see what I have been lacking in keeping myself healthy overall. I would encourage everyone to try and incorporate massage at least once every 6 weeks into their lifestyle.

Client Testimonial

Best massage in the area!

Best massage in the area! Friendly, compassionate people. They are completely understanding and pay attention to your symptoms.