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$110 / 90 min


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Wellness Massage & Gift Cards

A Wellness Massage uses a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and other massage techniques to manage your everyday health goals and target your individual therapeutic needs. Massage as a part of your overall maintenance health plan is a great choice to help keep yourself healthy and injury-free. Utilize Wellness Massage regularly to help you achieve & maintain your fitness goals, or use it once in a while to relieve aches and stresses that everyday life brings your way. This is a non-insurance service and all payment types are accepted. Gift certificates are also available in both 60 and 90 minute increments. 

Insurance for Medical And Injury Massage

We are able to accept and bill most insurance plans for Medical Massage treatment after an injury, following surgery or other medical procedure (including dental), or for a chronic medical issue. Check your insurance coverage for your copay amounts and deductibles as well as coverage requirements, as some insurance plans require a pre-authorization from your doctor; if you need help determining your coverage give us a call and we can help you with that. 

We accept ALL car accident insurance claims, L&I workplace injury claims, and most health insurance companies.