Sustain Mobility.

Everything runs better when regular maintenance is performed. Routine massage work keeps your muscles strong and able to perform all of your daily tasks with maximum performance and minimal risk of injury, while providing a host of other health benefits.

Massage services for sustaining health and managing pain.

Maintaining a High Level

The wear and tear of daily life will leave your muscles work-worn and prone to "knotting" or tightening up. This can lead to an increased risk for injury as well as higher stress levels which only compound upon each other in a vicious cycle to keep you stuck in pain. Everything runs better when regular maintenance is performed. Just like a car or your teeth, your muscles and bones need regular maintenance! Routine massage work keeps your muscles strong and able to perform all of your daily tasks with maximum performance and minimal risk of injury while providing a host of other health benefits. How much do you depend on your body every day? We truly believe that when you make massage care a regular part of your wellness lifestyle, you'll see immediate and long-lasting results from the far-reaching benefits.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain can debilitate not only your body but your spirit and energy level as well. Many of our chronic pain clients have been unable to find relief for months or years and have tried all kinds of other avenues in their search for a cure. If you've tried massage before and it hasn't worked, don't give up – Massage Works could STILL be able to help you. Really! Be it reoccurring migraines, nagging shoulder pain or a bad knee, Massage Works out-of-the-box mindset & comprehensive medical techniques, combined with creative problem solving, has proven over and over again to be successful where others were not.

Lifestyle and Workplace
Assessment & Adjustment

Ergonomics play a huge role in the cause and maintenance of muscular & skeletal injuries, especially injuries due to repetitive motions and overuse. Pain experienced in the back, neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist are commonly caused by, or associated with, poor ergonomics at work. One of Massage Works’ Massage Therapists can come to your workplace to assess all the various aspects of your work situation and recommend adjustments to better support your body as you work. This can drastically decrease potential risk factors and allow you to avoid the pain of stress headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a host of other work-related injuries.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, your entire body goes through many changes in a short amount of time. That puts all kinds of stress on muscles and joints that don't normally experience stress; and even so more on the areas that do. This type of massage uses gentle and safe techniques to alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy. You'll need to talk with therapist personally about how far along you are, and any complications that you've had. They’ll be able to structure your session so that the massage can be done safely for both you and your baby.

Stress Relief

Everyday stresses build up and can equal neck tension and migraines; sometimes you just need a little help getting out from under it all. Massage Works is highly skilled in determining the cause of headaches and relieving them, even persistent or chronic migraines. If it's overall stress relief that you're looking for, your therapeutic session will focus on the areas of your body that "carry" most of your stress, while still providing gentle muscle relief for your whole body.

Chair Massage

A therapist at Massage Works is available to travel to your office or event and provide relaxing chair massage for your employees or guests. It's a great idea for casual company parties or pre-wedding preparations, and having a regular weekly or bi-weekly 15-minute massage at work helps to keep employees relaxed and efficient. Chair massages are quick, relaxing and done fully clothed. Depending on your event or workplace needs, there are different options for cost and scheduling, including pre-payment and punch cards. Contact Massage Works to arrange the details.

Client Testimonial

Exudes calmness and relaxation.

I love walking into such a positive and warm environment. From the smiling face behind the counter to the amazing barn wood wall everything upon arrival exudes calmness and relaxation. I could sit all day in that entery soaking up the vibes.

Client Testimonial

I felt great when I left.

The massage was awesome! It was very therapeutic and I felt great when I left. Thank you so much!!!

Client Testimonial

Professional but welcoming.

Massage works is very professional, but with a warming welcoming environment. Highly recommended!

Client Testimonial

Easy access and plenty of parking.

New office is great. Felt relaxing and inviting. Easy access and plenty of parking.

Client Testimonial

Quick check in and Checkout.

Clean office, therapist greeted me upon arrival. Quick check in and Checkout

Client Testimonial

A Joy to visit.

I always enjoy walking into your office! Very warm and welcoming!