Injury Recovery

Recovering from an accident or injury can be a long, painful process. Medical massage can help make huge strides towards regaining your health and permenantly relieving your pain. At Massage Works, our primary focus and specialization is injury recovery; we use injury-focused techniques to help bring you back to pre-accident health. Your doctor and our staff will help you determine how many massages are needed for recovery and how often you'll need them.

The Importance of Massage

Hear from our founder Kevin Hardman, on why he started Massage Works.

Sports Performance

Staying at the top of your game requires diligence; keep your body in top condition with the help of a specialized Sports Massage Therapist. Massage allows your muscles to recover faster from workouts and keeps them functioning at an optimal level, as well as helping to prevent injury. Regular massages work hand-in-hand with regular weight-lifting workouts, training your muscles for your specific sports performance. If you're preparing for a big game, match or race, get a massage beforehand to insure against injury.

Additional Benefits

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain can debilitate not only your body, but your spirit and energy level as well. Many of our chronic pain clients have been unable to find relief for months or years, and have tried all kinds of other avenues in their search for a cure. If you've tried massage before and it hasn't worked, don't give up - We could STILL be able to help you. Really! Be it reoccurring migranes, nagging shoulder pain or a bad knee, Our out-of-the-box mindset & comprehensive medical techniques, combined with creative problem solving, has proven over and over again to be successful where others were not.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, your entire body is going through many changes in a short amount of time. That puts all kinds of stress on muscles and joints that don't normally experience stress; and even so more on the areas that do. This type of massage uses gentle and safe techniques to alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy. You'll need to talk with our staff about how far along you are, and any complications that you've had. He'll be able to structure your session so that the massage can be done safely for both you and your baby.

Stress Relief

Everyday stresses build up and can equal neck tension and migranes; sometimes you just need a little help getting out from under it all. Our staff is highly skilled in determining the cause of headaches and relieving them, even persistant or chronic migranes. If it's overall stress relief that you're looking for, your therapeutic session will focus on the areas of your body that "carry" most of your stress, while still providing gentle muscle relief for your whole body.

Client Testimonial

Nobody should have to suffer with ongoing pain.

Following a car accident in 1988, I visited a plethora of massage therapists and a handful of chiropractors. Undergoing back surgery 6 years ago was my confirmation that I would probably always live with pain. Then my daughter made her first visit to Kevin and called me with "Mom, you really need to go see Kevin!!" I noticed immediately that his technique was different than what I had experienced from other therapists. For starters, I got my first full-night's sleep in ages! With each session I have gained muscle flexibility and range of motion and the best part is significantly diminished pain. Nobody should have to suffer with ongoing pain. If you've tried everything else and you're at the point of giving up, make an apt with Kevin! You have nothing to loose......but the pain!!

Client Testimonial

A True Class Act.

The first time I walked in there was a TV displaying a fire, fresh baked cookies (and the wonderful smell to accompany it), and tea, cider, and hot chocolate on a table for clients. Ambiance was warm and inviting to say the least. I was greeted warmly by the receptionist and told Kevin would be with me shortly. Every interaction makes me feel appreciated. They communicate effectively and do everything possible to ensure my needs are met including appointment times or alternatives if that doesn't work. True class act!

Client Testimonial

Incorporated massage into my training.

Kevin does a great job in meeting your needs whether your wanting to work through the pressure or relax. I am a pretty active adult and take my health seriously I never really thought about massage being part of my overall health but now having incorporated into my training I see what I have been lacking in keeping myself healthy overall. I would encourage everyone to try and incorporate massage at least once every 6 weeks into their lifestyle.

Client Testimonial

Quick check in and Checkout.

Clean office, therapist greeted me upon arrival. Quick check in and Checkout

Client Testimonial

A Joy to visit.

I always enjoy walking into your office! Very warm and welcoming!